Enjoy Bonuses For The Whole Family When You Shop Online

Everyone loves shopping! Shopping is a wholesome, satisfying activity for the entire family. With the advent of e-commerce, the blessing of shopping online can be therapeutic and bring joy. Fun fact! Based on a 2018 report by Statista, it is estimated that 1.8 Billion people are online shoppers! With the increasing trends of online shopping, projections show that global e-retail sales are expected to grow to up to $4.8 trillion by 2021. Following this trend, the forecasted e-commerce market value in Malaysia will almost reach $4 billion in 2020!

That is why BonusLink has made an effort to tap into more online merchants to suit your shopping needs. We understand that purchasing clothes, sports gear, bags, pet supplies and other necessities are rewarding, but can be expensive. Fortunately, we can enjoy more rewards when we shop online via BonusLink’s newly participating merchants such as Shopee, Watsons and many more to come. Here are some ways you could get bonuses for the whole family by shopping online with BonusLink’s online merchants.

There’s Something for Everyone at PrestoMall

If you’ve ever bought someone a present, you’ll know that a family’s needs can vary. Your wife may want a new bag, your daughter may want some stationery, your son may want a new gadget, and you may want that sweet new barbeque grill that you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t need to crack your head on where to shop for all of these items because you can just find them online at PrestoMall.

PrestoMall, is the ultimate e-commerce site to find almost everything. From clothes, groceries, hardware, tools and household appliances. When you purchase certain items at PrestoMall, BonusLink rewards you with Points to make the purchase on PrestoMall worth your money. The bonus of discounts will be your reward to the whole family and your wallet. Members can further redeem gifts from PrestoMall with their BonusLink Points. Choose from over 100 special gifts available.

Find out more at: https://www.bonuslink.com.my/EN/Promotions/200430_prestomall.aspx

Fitness For The Family

Health is wealth. An all-rounded approach to a family’s health is through fitness and physical activities. Encourage the whole family to start living a healthier lifestyle by picking up sports and applying it to their daily life. Don’t have the right equipment? Perhaps you can research a sport that you may like online and buy the equipment you need at SportsDirect.com.

The first step to family fitness is having the right sports gear. Bring the whole family together when you shop for matching jerseys, sports gear, shoes and much more with SportsDirect’s huge online catalogue.

BonusLink Members get to enjoy Points on purchases when they shop via the BonusLink Online Shopping Page. Who says shopping and fitness can’t get along? A quality lifestyle is a Bonus when the whole family exercises together.

The Bonus Of Knowledge With Kinokuniya

One way to gain more knowledge is through reading. So, tap into an abundance of knowledge by purchasing books for the whole family and start promoting a healthy reading habit.

One way to shop for books is through Kinokuniya’s online catalogue. One of the perks of shopping online at Kinokuniya is that it allows you to access book titles that may only be available at selected outlets. That is because Kinokuniya has a huge library of books from various parts of the world. They are not limited to just books but they have a selection of stationeries and gifts to choose from!

Anytime that you shop online at a participating BonusLink Merchant via BonusLink website, you’ll be able to collect Points and accelerate your collection faster so you can redeem a Gift or Voucher – all for FREE! So start shopping with BonusLink’s suite of online merchants and enjoy more rewards.

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