Get Extra Bonuses When You Dine Out with the BonusLink App

It should be obvious by now that we Malaysians love our food. With the abundance of eateries and varied selection of cuisines that we have at our disposal every day, dining out in Malaysia is an exciting and enjoyable experience. With BonusLink however, eating out has become that much better, especially when you are rewarded for feasting at your favourite makan places!

BonusLink is always looking for new ways to reward its customers. Over the years, BonusLink has continued to attract and collaborate with various F&B Merchants in the local F&B scene – giving members more ways to collect and utilise their BonusLink Points!

This time around, I’m taking you to a favourite restaurant of mine – Foremula Cafe located in Petaling Jaya. Foremula Cafe is a great place to hang out with family, homies, and even colleagues, whether it is over a lunch meeting or for a hearty brunch. Its Instagram-worthy aesthetics and punny dishes are the creams on the top.

A Winning Foremula

As a coffee lover, what I love most is the smell of freshly-brewed coffee welcoming me the moment I walk into the cafe. The selection of food served there also impresses me, as it is not the usual array you find in most cafes. From local delights like rendang and laksa to fusion masterpieces like succulent braised mutton and classic fish and chips, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you dine there. Of course, the best thing about Foremula Cafe is that you can perform cashless transactions and collect BonusLink Points when you foot the bill via the BonusLink App!

After seeing that Foremula has gotten a positive response, the folks behind this cafe decided to up the ante and founded a restaurant named Forebidden.

Forbidden Pleasures @ Forebidden (Non-Halal)

This is my go-to rendezvous if I’m feeling a little naughty and want to have some TGIF fun with my buddies. Serving oriental fusion cuisine accompanied by a rich selection of hearty drinks in an Asian-inspired setting, this non-halal restaurant has an irresistible charm that makes you want to go back for more. My personal favourite is Mandarin Duck, which is a duck leg roasted with Chinese herbs in tangy mandarin juice, served with sweet potatoes and grilled greens. And to top it all off, I can collect BonusLink Points when I pay the bill (which is the only reason why I always offer to pay!). The fun doesn’t stop there. Apparently, the founders of both Foremula and Forebidden also opened another restaurant called Therefore. This restaurant not only has amazing dishes, but the decor and service are also top-notch! No wonder you can find a lot of postings tagging this restaurant.

More Rewards as You Dine Out

What’s better than having a good hearty meal with the people you love? The answer is: getting rewarded for it! Now that you know more about our BonusLink Merchants, here is how you can elevate your experience when you dine in at any of the outlets mentioned above.

  1. First off, launch the BonusLink App and log in.
  2. Tap on ‘BLINK it”’ and scan the Merchant’s QR code.
  3. Insert the bill amount and choose to pay with BonusLink Points or a combination of Points  & Cash
  4. Tap “Pay” and your payment is successful

It’s that simple! Give it a try for a dining experience like no other!

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