Is your skin suffering the post-MCO blues? No worries, here is a simple guide on how you can get yourself ready to meet the world!

1. Invest in Skincare Products

As we were mostly confined at home during the MCO period, it’s highly likely that we practised some unhealthy habits such as sleeping late, eating junk food, consuming instant noodles, etc., all which do not benefit our skin in any way. All this only means one thing: time to apply skincare products to improve your complexion and give it the glow it deserves! 

You can easily shop for your skincare essentials at Parkson or Watsons near you; it carries many reputable brands such as Clarins and Estee Lauder that boasts a myriad of skincare products (toners, moisturizers, cleansers, you name it). If Korean skincare products are your go-to, try out Althea as the brand offers all you need to upgrade your skincare kit.

As an added bonus, make sure that you bring along your BonusLink Card when you shop at Parkson. Parkson is one of our long-term retail partners, which means that BonusLink Members are able to collect Points whenever they pay for their Parkson purchases! On the other hand, Watsons and Althea are our BonusLink Online Shopping Merchants, which means that you can collect BonusLink Points even through your online transactions!

2. Use an Illuminating Foundation

Do you have a lacklustre complexion in need of a radiance boost? Then what you need are illuminating foundations that give your skin a much-needed shine. Our recommendations include Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, and Clarins. Any of these fan favourites are must-haves in your makeup kit to give your complexion the radiant glow you desire.

These international brands can be found in most Parkson outlets, so don’t forget to bring along your BonusLink Card when shopping in-store to collect your BonusLink Points off your transactions!

3. Glow with Your Highlighter

Your facial features are usually the first thing one pays attention to when they meet you, so make sure that you have your makeup on fleek! Accentuate the contours and features of your face with a glow-worthy highlighter. For a full-on shimmery glam that turns heads and drops jaws, we recommend L’Oreal® Paris and BENEFIT COSMETICS for that all-day natural glow.

Whether it comes in the form of a powder compact, a liquid gel or a cream, you’ll be spoilt for choice with highlighters from Parkson. Bring along your BonusLink Card to not only collect Points but redeem your BonusLink Points for gift vouchers to be used during your next shopping spree!

4. Exercise and Eat Healthy

The best glowing skin comes from eating and living healthily. With all the unhealthy food and late-night Netflix bingeing, it’s about time to give our body a much-needed detox and nutrition boost. Thankfully, Watsons offers a wide range of wellness and healthcare products in every shape or form for you to boost your health, which in turn, results in natural glowing skin. Keep in mind that Watsons is an online partner, so make sure you shop via the BonusLink Online Shopping page so that you can enjoy the benefit of collecting BonusLink Points as you shop!

Every moment is a Bonus when you feel on top of the world. Treat yourself to a shopping spree for your skincare essentials and let BonusLink accompany you on your journey towards radiant skin!

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